Mens PL Squads


Under 14's

Under 16's

Aiden Milburn Adam Neou
Cale Brown Michael Southam
Callum Lightfoot Michael Tammaro
Callum Mcgarty Benny Van De Rhee
Jesse Lane Taren Saleh
Max Phelps Adam Forner
Oscar Haorigan Jorden Cachia
Panos Morogiannis                          Johnny Papanicolaou
Patrick Leerdam  David O'Gorman
Sebastian Pelle  Gabriel Cole
Xavier Ward  Isaac Hunter
Dylan Broofaard  Sam Smith
Axel Putt  Aditya Te Lintel Hekkert
Ben Rempel  Satar Mon Chan
Tulken Anderssen  Johnny Hajdu                          
Jonathon Cosentini Johnny O'Gorman

Congratulations to the above players who have been chosen to represent Canberra Olympic in the Mens Premier League Divisions.


Welcome To Canberra Olympic Football Club - Since 1956

Olympic appears to be in existence since the early 50’s. Formally the name Olympic was decided in a General Meeting of players and committee member in 1955. The names proposed for the team was either Olympic or AEK. Olympic appears to have played in competitive games in Grade 2 in 1955. Biggest Win was 25-0 against Cooma in Division 2 in May 23rd 1971 Biggest Loss has been 8-0 against RMC in 9th October 1955 playing in Grade 2, in the Competition Finals.Read More


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